The Broker Identity Program Turns 25

The Bipper – the trademark of our profession’s standards, ethics and value – is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Officially the Broker Identity Program (BIP), the Bipper reconfirms our role in our businesses and within our communities. In honour of this important birthday, the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) has assembled five facts about the program (and we want to share the love).

1. The Broker Identity Program was created in 1988 to aid in the recognition of brokers as a unified, national body, and to advance the stature and importance of the broker profession in the eyes of government and legislators.

2. By displaying the BIP symbol, slogan and logo, member brokers leverage the power and persuasiveness of national advertising and online campaigns.

3. The nature and effectiveness of the BIP program make it the most highly-regarded by broker associations around the world, as confirmed by WFii.

4. Insurers acknowledge and applaud the power of the BIP program and provide invaluable and ongoing support to advance its success.

5. Research confirms that the BIP symbol is a positive influence on purchase decisions, conveying caring, professionalism and helpfulness.

As a member of IBAO, the Bipper logo is for you. Use it across social media, marketing campaigns, promotions and your website. It’s a symbol of your professionalism and dedication to the industry. You can find BIP logos and brand guidelines under the Marketing Resources section of our website. Use this section for all things BIP including customized commercials and ringtones.

Big Happy Birthday to Bippy, and congrats to IBAC on the success of the program!